We are the most field-experienced dryer retube company in the United States on both torus ring dryers or steam chest manifold dryers. Experience matters when it comes to safety and equipment downtime.

Tire Grinding

We offer a “REAL” grind and align service for tires and trunnions. During the alignment process included in our Grind and Align package, we set the trunnions back on elevation and on center lines, and check the pitch to make sure that there are no soft foots from the bearing housings to the trunnion base. We install shims as needed to obtain proper face to face contact which reduces bearing, shaft and thrust roller fatigue and failure.

Shell Section Replacement

We have extensive experience is shell section replacement in both stainless, carbon steel and exotic metals. We use wire feed guns to limit welding time which gets your equipment back up and running quicker. Whether it is a shell section or a heavy section, we have the experience to make sure that your project is a success.

Optical Alignment

We use Nikon Optical Equipment to shoot in elevations and centerlines. However, we are not limited to how we can use this equipment for alignment. We can shoot alignments on tires, trunnions, Johnson joint flange runouts and ring gear alignments. Precision alignment makes for smoother running equipment and faster completion.

Ring Gear Replacement

When we replace a gear and pinion or turn an existing gear around, we use dial indicators to achieve proper runout. The better the alignment, the more years of service you can expect from your equipment - making alignment the most crucial part of this process.

Trunnion & Drivebase

String lines are a thing of the past when it comes to the proper alignment of trunnion bases on a new install or a revamp of an existing unit. We use state of the art optical alignment equipment to make sure that your trunnions, trunnion bases and drive bases are exactly where they are supposed to be and on the proper elevation. We also supply detailed reports after the process is completed so you have a history and a benchmark of your equipment.

Kiln Repair

Our qualified Kiln specialists have experience in repair as well as the operation and maintenance of industrial kilns. We are intimately familiar with the unique challenges you face - when we say “we’ve been in your shoes”, we mean it.

Kiln Maintenance

We make scheduling and communication fast and efficient - whether scheduling maintenance and down time or dealing with an emergency shut-down, you want a partner that you can rely on and that can make accurate assessments on site.

Replacement Parts
We take pride in the high quality parts we supply for any model kiln and dryer on the market today. Having delivered parts all over the U.S., we know how important it is to take into consideration the conditions that parts are used under, their purpose, lifetime and ultimately, how important they are for your operation. That is why we make sure to price every part for your circumstances specifically and leverage our manufacturing relationships to give you the best price possible.

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