Ring Gear Replacement

Achieve proper runout quickly

When we replace a gear and pinion or turn an existing gear around, we use dial indicators to achieve proper runout. The better the alignment, the more years of service you can expect from your equipment - making alignment the most crucial part of this process.

During the ring gear and pinion install process, we make sure that the tires are tight and don’t have excessive slipping. Once this has been verified, we install the gear and perform a radial and axial alignment and lock down once the proper alignment has been achieved.

Then we weld down the mounting brackets or the spring plates to the shell surface. We then final align the pinion by using feeler gauges and then final align the drive components with either dial indicators or laser alignment based on the customers requirements.

The Importance of proper Alignment

Without proper alignment of the gear to the shell and the pinion to the gear, the components will wear prematurely costing more money and downtime in the near future. We will save you time and money by doing the job right the first time.

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