Optical Alignment

Laser Accuracy for your Job

We use Nikon Optical Equipment to shoot in elevations and centerlines. However, we are not limited to how we can use this equipment for alignment. We can shoot alignments on tires, trunnions, Johnson joint flange runouts and ring gear alignments. Precision alignment makes for smoother running equipment and faster completion.

During the optical alignment process, we verify the exact elevation of each trunnion, pinion gear, feed end and discharge end centers. We then use this information and cross reference with available drawings from original install to see how much the unit and/or the ground have changed. Once this process is complete, we relocate the dryer/kiln and the trunnions/rollers back to the original targeted locations and centers.

In doing so, we can extend the life of the equipment by reducing the amount of vibration and wear to the bearings and components. By having the trunnions in the correct locations, we also reduce the stress on the shell which helps minimize or stop the shell from cracking due to fatigue and misalignment.

A detailed report along with an CAD drawing will be given upon completion of an optical alignment so you will have and be able to maintain valuable information on your unit for years to come.

We are committed to continuously improving performance at all levels and in all areas. All of our staff members receive continuous education and training on the latest techniques and equipment.

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