Kiln Maintenance

Minimize Downtime

Scheduled or Emergency – we help to minimize downtime.

We make scheduling and communication fast and efficient – whether scheduling maintenance and down time or dealing with an emergency shut-down, you want a partner that you can rely on and that can make accurate assessments on site.

When wielding many tons of steel and expensive parts and equipment, experience is of the utmost importance. All of our personnel have been trained, cross-trained and certified to make them some of the most qualified in the industry. From disassembly to reassembly, we have you covered.

During a new shell install, two mistakes are made most commonly: First, the fit up hardware is undersized, which dramatically increases the possibility of failure during the runout process. This can lead to disasters and possible injury of personnel and damage to your equipment.

The second is that the alignment process is not carried out all the way (“that’s close enough”) and you end up with a long banana which causes premature wear.

Quality Kiln and Dryer makes sure that the proper quality and quantity of hardware is used to avoid the first issue. To avoid the second problem, “close enough” is never good enough for us. We go through great pains to make sure that your new shell section is closer than the OEM specifications.