Our on-site crew is trained to work on your particular type of dryer - a team of professionals assembled for the job at hand. Professionalism at its best.

    The Services we offer:

  • Trunnion replacement and alignment
  • Tire replacement or reshim of existing tires
  • Tire alignments and stop block replacement
  • Ring gear alignment
  • Ring gear install
  • Main drive alignment
  • Shell section replacements
  • Seal assemblies on feed end and discharge end
  • Thrust roll replacement and adjustment
  • Complete tube replacement
  • Vent ring header install
  • Steam joint alignment with condensate return tube alignment
  • Steam chest repair or replacement
  • Advancement flight and lifter flight replacement
  • Tube support repair or replacement
  • Shell crack repair
  • Flue head tube seals and retainer flanges
  • Non condensable hose replacements
  • Tire and trunnion grinding
  • Sprocket and chain replacement and install
  • Wrapper band install to strengthen shell and reduce cracking

  • The Kiln Repair and Maintenance -
    simply hire the best in the Industry!

    We have a qualified Kiln specialists on staff that has experience in repair as well as the operation and management of industrial kilns. When we say “we’ve been in your shoes”, we mean it.

    Nick Sedgwick - "The Kiln Man" has the answers that go with your Kiln problem!